Saturday, March 1, 2008

The customer comes first

As part of our ongoing effort here at AMAIH, we have added yet another feature to the sidebar, somewhere down below all that musical crap.  It's an extension of my Google Chat, which I've gotten PW to finally use, but not Mr. Bud, for some reason.  Why is this Mr. Bud?  Are you still a closet Yahoo! Messenger type?  Well, now you can chat at me from here.  Um, if it works.  Somebody try it out, eh?

1 comment:

Mr. Bud said...

I believe that there are many things that shall ever remain sacred to those that are married.

communication being one.

yeah, ok, i'm lazy. Kids use yahoo. laptops full. it's a special status thing. (should i continue with the excuses?)