Sunday, March 9, 2008

My lake's bigger than your lake!

Why Lake Superior is the Greatest Lake on Earth, and why it kicks your lake's butt…

How big is Lake Superior?

  • Largest fresh water lake in the world (by surface area)
  • Surface area: 31,820 square miles
  • Water volume: 2,900 cubic miles
  • Shore length: 2,725 miles
  • Maximum length: 350 miles
  • Maximum width: 160 miles
  • Surface elevation: 609 feet
  • Average depth: 482 feet
  • Maximum depth: 1,332 feet
  • Maximum depth: 723 feet below sea level

There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover the entire land mass of North and South America with a foot of water.

How Lake Superior compares

  • Lake Superior is the size of South Carolina
  • Lake Superior is larger than 10 states: WV, MD, HI, MA, VT, NH, NJ, CT, DE, and RI
  • Lake Superior is larger than the countries of: Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Rwanda, and dozens of others
  • Lake Superior is 33.6% of the entire surface area and 53.5% of the entire volume of all Great Lakes combined
  • Lake Superior is 18.7 times greater in surface area than the Great Salt Lake
  • Lake Superior is 2.6 times greater in surface area than Lake Baikal, however, Lake Baikal has twice the volume
  • At the deepest point Lake Superior would drown the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the John Hancock Center (The Sears Tower will still stand 398 feet out the water)

Many people near Lake Champlain consider it to be the "6th Great Lake". Lake Superior is 28 times greater in surface area, and 465 times the water volume than Lake Champlain.

Other Lake Superior facts…

  • Gichigami is the Ojibwa word for Lake Superior meaning "big water"
  • Many people believe that Lake Superior resembles a wolf's head (facing west)
  • The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was the last major ship wreck in 1975
  • The surface area temperature has risen 4.5 degrees since 1979
  • Lake Superior has been described as the most oligotrophic lake in the world
  • Over 300 rivers and streams flow into Lake Superior
  • Contains ~10% of all the Earth's fresh water
  • The average surface temperature is 40 degrees
  • 1979 was the last complete freeze over
  • Produces some of the greatest lake-effect snowstorms on earth
  • ~40 miles north of Munising, MI is the deepest point at 1,332 feet
  • Annual reports of waves that are over 30 feet high
  • At 10,000 years old it is one of the youngest major features on earth (Lake Baikal in Russia is 25 million years old)
  • Features over 60 species of fish
The only item I may disagree with is that I think the coast Guard considered the lake completely frozen over back in the 90's.  I can't remember the year, but it got darn cold, everybody's sewer and water pipes froze and there was a movement to have President Clinton declare the area a Federal Disaster Area, in order to receive federal funds to mitigate the damage.  Thanks to the industrious and johnny-on-the-spot Mr. Bud, I had no such trouble with frozen pipes at H2O Street and was still able to relieve myself of the many beers had that winter, without poking anything sensitive outside...

I found the above bragging rights while trolling for local blogs at: Yooper Steez. Go check em out.  They've got a great site there AND cool things to buy:)

And it DOES kick yer Lake's butt!



Mr. Bud said...

adding Yooper steez, that big boy thing.. too funny. I want one of those.

taking off rockstar mommy. waah.

The Pirate said...

Yep, I've added Yooper to my reader and will add to the blogroll. Too bad about RSM, but she's got a lot of shit to deal with at home:(

If I had known about the Big Boy graveyard, we would've made a pilgrimage..

Steph said...

I was sitting here reading your blog and listening to your cool tunes when all the sudden the music cut out in the middle of Fred Schnyder telling me that his car was as big as a whale.

So I'm pissed at your blog right now.

Oh, and did your lake get mentioned by Mark Twain in Innocents Abroad? I think not. Which is why MY LAKE TAHOE CAN KICK YOUR LAKE's ASS!

Ok. Probably not because Lake Tahoe is a midget compared to yours.

The Pirate said...

Ok, Innocents Abroad is a pretty heavy reference, but John D. Volker's Anatomy of a Murder takes place in Big Bay (right down the dang road) on the shore of Lake Superior...that's the best I can do. Oh yeah and Gordon Lightfoot wrote the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald about my lake really kicking the shit out of things;) Lake Tahoe is pretty, though.

Mr. Bud said...

and "Paddle to the Sea", the finest piece of literature.

I don't think i would drink the water in Lake Tahoe, where as you can still bend down and take a sip of the big one.