Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well.  The wind is still howling in the rigging and it seems as if the pitching and rolling will never end.  Once again, even from my office I can hear the low moan coming from the wires of a boat davit on the starboard side, as well as the rush of wind against the hull.  The midnight deck watch just stumbled in from outside.  He's half-frozen and windblown.  Tough to walk on deck in this shit.  Tough to do anything, really.  Showering was a workout tonight.  This weather even puts the table tennis tournament on hold, much to our dismay.  I think that this will give the crew time to organize some betting on the outcome, however.  I'm not above dropping a Ben Franklin on who I see as the dark horse.

Rumors abound concerning the end of job and when we can finally leave this motherfucker of an ocean.  The currently favored rumor of course has us leaving soon.  I wouldn't shed a tear if we left tomorrow.  This place is tough and sitting here watching my coffee mug slide back and forth, I'm ready to head North.

We're out of yogurt.



That Dude said...

Dude, you need to find yourself a job on dry land. This is NUTS!

Heidi said...

Sorry about the yogurt.

Steph said...

I was going to type something pithy and then my husband just piped up with "Odelay! The pinchi penguins are no making burritos!"

...and I lost the train of thought.