Thursday, March 6, 2008

No capsicum for you!

I had a dream in which the ship capsized and rather than escape, we all kept working.  Oh, we complained about having to walk around on the ceiling and how hard it was to secure keyboards and read a monitor upside-down, but we just kept working.  My biggest bitch was trying to take a shower-the shower head, now at the floor, would not squirt water all the way up to my head, making it hard to shampoo.  The cook made a pineapple upside-down cake and we killed him.  With fire axes.

This without ingesting any mind-altering substances.

He was redeemed, in my twisted mind this morning when I found plum-chili pork, chicken satay with pineapple rice, tempura fish and cauliflower with capsicum on the breakfast menu.  Only an idiot real man would break his fast with chilis, satay and capsicum.  He knows me well.  An hour later and I'm still burping up southeast Asia. 
Which brings me to note that we are already out of milk and yogurt.  No more until April.  Fresh vegetables will disappear within a week to ten days.  We're far to remote and the seas are far to heavy all the time, to bring a supply ship alongside.  This is a tough place to work.  One of the toughest I've encountered anywhere in the world.  The arctic was bad, but the weather was calmer, most of the time.  Even South of  Tierra Del Feugo ( El Fin del Mundo) isn't as consistently rough.  
We're starting a table-tennis tournament onboard.  Most of the Asian crew are walking around with a gleam in their eye if you mention it.  I suspect that I'm about to discover that yet another stereotype is true and they are gonna kick the snot of the rest of us.
We had an "incident" with a bird on here just a day or so ago.  Turns out if a sea bird lands anywhere on the ship (even in the middle of operations), you can't touch it. They're all protected species down here-sea birds, that is.  If one lands on something you're working on, you have to step back and let him take it over for as long as he wants.  Talk about squatter's rights.

Well, that's about all that's on my mind this morning.  Time for another cuppa joe and to poke my head out on deck and check the weather.


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Mr. Bud said...

mornin' chief.
so was Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine there? the poseiden (sp?)

bet your never late to work...