Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On my way to work

I woke up last and while stumbling down the companionway to get coffee, ran into a girl holding a rather large sea bird making an unholy noise.  She asked me if I had a box.  I told her I didn't even have a fucking mug of coffee and pushed past her.  The bird tried to peck me. 

The odd thing is that by the time I got my coffee, I completely forgot about this strange encounter.  It wasn't until just a few minutes ago, I remembered meeting a bird in the hallway last night.  I wonder if it's on the menu for lunch??

Somebody folded my laundry, we're out of pineapple and I miss my wife. 



Fyremandoug said...

I have spent long days without Mrs. Fyreman and it sure makes the time with her so frakkin precious.
Pineapple is good.....with rum

That Dude said...

A girl? On a ship?

The Pirate said...

Sure-there are only 17, though. 10 hookers, 2 models, 4 Playboy bunnies and some chick with a bird.

Steph said...

Maybe you should be grateful. Most people require a shitload of LSD to have the experiences you are having on a regular basis... ;)