Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dolphins and dirty laundry

I'm drawing a blank.  As there is not much happening out here, lately, there just isn't much to write about.  My workload has been nil and sporadic.  Little bits here and there and a small amount of paperwork, mostly electronic paperwork-the worst kind.  I suppose, given our ever increasing levels of technology and everything going digital, we need to come up with a new word for "paperwork".   "Screenwork", "monitorwork", "digitalwork", "digiwork"??  Digiwork sounds the easiest and cold be further shortened to "dork".  What say you, dear readers?  I know I have a couple of word smiths out there, but I'm thinking Blondie should be the one to chime in, after all, this subject is right up her alley.

Anyhooo, other than 12 hours of dork, not much is going on here.  The weather has been better and we are trying to take advantage of it, but have had other difficulties. 

My social life out here is of course, pretty much non-existent.  Still working on the elliptical whenever my shift is less than 14 hours and there isn't a drill scheduled right after shift.  That has been rare enough that I've managed a not-so-impressive 80KM in the past 3 weeks.  Wish I could get in there more often...

Other than that, I eat, sleep, do laundry (NOTE TO SELF: MUST DO TONIGHT) and watch an occasional DVD, most of them pretty bad since I don't follow movie critics and don't pay attention to those trailer things on TV.  In fact, the only good movie I've seen in a while was one about a dentist who reunites with a college buddy, a former dentist whose family died in a plane crash.  It was pretty good and had a great soundtrack.  Eddie Vedder's rendition of The Who's "Love, Reign O'er Me" was so fucking good, I actually sat through the credits just to hear it.  I think the movie was named something like Reign Over Me, too.

So, what image to post today?  I have booze at crew-x, landscapes and seascapes to choose about a seascape with a HUGE pod o dolphins? Yep, I think so-pardon me whilst I "dig" through the image archives.  Also found that features one specific type of small craft that we deploy from hydraulically operated davits, used to work on the gear we tow behind us. 


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Mr. Bud said...

chef-d'oeuvre virtual?
or virtual opus (vopus)

it's going to be hard to beat dork.

great pics :)