Saturday, March 8, 2008

World Cup

Our table tennis tournament started today.   In an up and down, wild ride and very tense contest, Indonesia handed England his hat in the third and final match of their series, 11-4.  England had just tied the series up in the previous game with nearly the same one-sided score.  I left the venue just as Pakistan and Italy began their first game of the match.  From the warm-up rounds, I predict Pakistan will prevail.  I believe China and Malaysia may also be squaring off later tonight and may just head back down to check out that battle of the titans.  I can tell already that the US hasn't got a prayer...
Yesterday we had a fire drill after my shift ended.  We snuffed out a computer fire in the conference room quite handily, with only some minor communication glitches and a few delays due to fire team members having to find alternative routes to the fire stations from heavy smoke in the accommodations.  All in all, a very good exercise.  Mustering up on deck, I realized I hadn't been outside, or seen the sun in many days.  It was good to breathe fresh air and get out from under the harsh glare of artificial lighting.  As a bonus, we were treated to a lovely view of the eastern coast of the south island.  Rolling hills, sea cliffs, planted fields, it was nice to see land!  We're currently cruising North up the coast to avoid rather nasty 9 meter seas....
Sat comms are still spotty and I'm not too happy. It's not like there's a lot to do out here and spotty internet/no phones makes it worse.  Fortunately, there are are a few, new diversions such as the table tennis tournament, a presentation on air pressure safety and one on handling and care of sea birds that often land on the ship, injured, or too tired to continue.  We rehabilitate and release them, except for the tasty ones, which we BBQ, or grill.  Just kidding, I'm only making sure you're paying attention.  Yesterday, a pod of killer whales was sighted!  Many of the crew had a nice, long look through binoculars and telephoto lenses.  Unfortunately, I haven't got any of the pics, or I would post one.
Well, I suppose that wraps up another addition.  I'm off to eat out of boredom, though I know I'll regret it in about 10 hours, when I hit the gym and have to do an additional 4-5KM to make up for the extra goodies.



Mr. Bud said...

clear blue skys. -10.5 degrees. Tonight... skating. The camera goes with.. things are good.

The Pirate said...

Talked to LP this morning. She sounded excited! Send me pics:)