Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One way ticket to Berkeley

I'll be heading home through Minneapolis, MN. Early next week.  (the earlier the better)  So I'm Goggling  Minnie to get a weather forecast and I come across this.  This kind of crap makes me sick.  The school caves to political pressure and claim they did it to keep politics out of the school.  I'm sorry, but they just let one group's politics dictate what their students are allowed to experience, firmly entrenching politics the school and the minds of the students deprived of the opportunity to learn first-hand what it's like to be a soldier, or a citizen, fighting and living in a war-torn country, removed of all politics and media bias.  They probably won't ever get another chance like that, again.  Fucking pussies ought to move to Berkeley, cause they're way to close to me.  Apologies to all my Californ-i-a blogging buddies, but you already have most of the county's ass-wipes over there on the left coast, so why not stick em all in one place?


Dianne said...

"According to the Veterans for Freedom website, the national tour "is about supporting our troops, honoring their commitment and rallying the country to complete the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan."

I respect your opinion pirate. I volunteer at my local VFW so I cetainly understand the need to support those who serve BUT - that last part of the quote sounds very political to me. Although the VFF did agree not to discuss "completing the mission" I feel the damage was done.

I also googled VFF and they are a VERY political org.

If my kid was in that school he'd understand the history of military service and the honor of it from me. He'd also understand that not every Commander-In-Chief is created equal.

Mr. Bud said...

Yup. I want my kids in the dark.

They will need a note to partake in fire drills because I wouldn't want reality to cause them undo stress.

And none of this Internet safety shit. They just don't need to know there's bad people out there.

Opinion on the war. They should make up their own minds, or better yet, that's an adult issue and they just shouldn't know.

gee wiz, I got to hide under my desk (like that was going to fuckin save me) for nuclear drills when I was growing up. Um why? but if everything is vaporized..!?!

The THEORY of evolution, or adam and eve. Hmmmm. I'm for the Stork story till their 21, and that alien drop off idea...

it's a good thing children don't think. and learn. and absorb the world around them. What would happen if they got real answers to their questions?

they would learn adults have some serious wierd ass issues...
you just knew this shit pisses me off didn't you!

The Pirate said...

The district scheduled the show, in effect telling the students that the soldiers and an Iraqi citizen had something important to say. The presenters agree to talk only about their experiences. The show was canceled due to political pressure. What lesson did we just teach the students? Did we teach the students that views which disagree with our own should be suppressed? Did we teach them that they are not yet capable of forming their own opinions? Or perhaps that Iraqi citizens and our own soldiers are not to be trusted to speak in our schools? That one view is more important than the other? My opinion is that the decision to cancel the show was wrong, the students were deprived of a unique and important opportunity and we sent them all the wrong messages.

For the record, I opposed the decision to go to war, hate the war, the people dying on both sides and wish we could end the war today. I'm also not overly fond of our CIC, but wouldn't deprive MY children of the opportunity to be at that show. I respect their right and ability to form their own opinions.

Dianne said...

Your point is well taken pirate :)

I saw some of the VFF affiliations when I researched them and warning bells went off in my head.