Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More of the same

Sorry.  All you get is more pictures.  I AM getting off this tub and early to boot, dammit.  One of the "features" of this job/life/prison sentence is that from time to time, you get stuck out here and unless you work really hard, get really creative and pray to to whatever gods you hope may favor you, have no hope of getting off.  I have been pretty damn lucky this trip and last.  Getting out of a few extra weeks, two trips in a row is unbelievably lucky.  So much so, maybe I should shut up and not jinx myself...

Images.  Shipboard gym.  Couple of stationary bikes, kick-ass treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical in the corner (my baby), weight machine, free weights and bracket for the heavy bag.  What you can't see is another massive weight machine, wide-screen TV, stereo (with infra-red, cordless headphones) and another well-placed heavy bag on the sheltered foc'sle.  Through the door on the left is a changing room, head and sauna.

Lastly, our Fast Rescue Craft, or FRC.  Three-hundred Brake Horse Power (BHP) bad-ass, jet powered water rocket, hanging over the side of the ship from it's hydraulic davit, ready to launch.  This puppy loves to get airborne off the waves and I'm just the guy to do it.  Out of everything I do out here, putting this machine in the air is my favorite pastime.  Unsinkable, self-righting; she'll easily do 30 knots, turn on a dime at that speed and even comes equipped with a suicide knob:)  Just yesterday I was discussing having to head over to a beautiful fjord in the North of Norway for a week, or two to get my coxswain ticket punched, again.  While I hate having to leave home and hearth for anything, this is always a week, or two well-spent.

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Jay said...

Can you hook up a grill and a little beer fridge on that FRC and go fishing on it for the day? haha