Friday, March 28, 2008

F*%k me I'm going home

Got this from LL's site. Yeah, it works for my site, unlike hers. Well, I hope it works, I'm not sure if the html code will show up right via an email post...

OK, it didn't freaking work. Soooo, I took the time to go back and do the DAMN thing, again.

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I've had a lot to swear about the past few days. I've spared you most of the drama of this upcoming crew-x, but it has been a roller coaster of leaving, not leaving, leaving early, not leaving scenarios. Finally, early this evening (it's 2am) a deadlock with upper management was broken, during an 11th hour conference call with the shore-bound, stuffed suits. We are leaving this ship two days early and I am flying home a day early, as well. So, Monday morning I'm outta here!! I've got two days to make my way up to Christchurch for a Tuesday night flight back over the pond to LA. Myself and a guy from Alabama are going to spend the day in LA (anyone want to stop by for a drink or 3??), get a day room at the Four Points Sheraton, maybe tour the Queen Mary, then fly out on the red-eye. I get in Wednesday afternoon. That will give me a full 5 1/2 weeks at home, uninjured with little remodeling to do. I can't believe it! And for no apparent reason, I added the picture above. I came across it while searching for a misplaced Aussie work visa and for some reason the message and the mood evident on the guys face suit me today. I think the image was posted on my old blog way back when. Good lord, how long have I been blogging now??

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