Friday, March 14, 2008

My ride gets a face-lift

Yet another day at sea.  The weather is marginal, but is calm enough to allow us to work.  It was nice to come on shift to find things humming along, for a change and every day we are working brings me one day closer to going home.  I've come to hate the Southern Ocean and cannot wait to depart, hopefully for good.  It's just too damn rough and remote down here.  The sat comms are lousy, too.  I've had to do all my posting via email and trying to surf the web has been an exercise in patience, if not futility, most days.
Mr Bud has been kind enough to send me pics of home (and Goofy) lately.  A few others, also out of the country, received the same email and one responded with pics of China, after moving there from the Copper Country.  They reminded me that I should be sending home more pics of my adventures out here.  Of course, I can't really send many thanks to the crappy sat comms, but I CAN post a few more low-res images on here for PW, LP, Mr Bud and all of you.  Promise to try, anyway!  In fact, here's a rather cool shot of my current ride, while she was in dry-dock, in Singapore, getting a face-lift among other things;)  There's nothing showing for scale, but you can walk under the ship when she's in dry-dock, if that helps.


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Mr. Bud said...

for some reason, the boys loved goofy's face lift more then godzilla. but they loved your response. more photos coming..