Sunday, March 9, 2008

We don't need no sticky wickets

Despite running far, far away, we finally hit the nasty weather.  Sometime during the afternoon, while I was sleeping, it went from the ship rolling gently to getting slammed and the vessel occasionally trying to slip out from under your feet when the big ones smack the bow, hard. Once again, it was a study in focus and determination to shower while still sleepy. Trying to maintain three points of contact and shampoo your hair at the same time, all while half-asleep is not easy.  At least if you wish to avoid eating the towel rack, or getting up ended into the toilet.  The next 36 hours should prove to be very tiring.  We're pretty far North of the prospect, but the seas there were supposed to be around 30 ft...

Yesterday my LP performed in her first ice skating show.  Oh, how I rage at missing these special moments!  She also just lost her first tooth:(  I'm sure to pout over these things for the next week, no matter how hard I try not to.  Fortunately, Mr Bud was kind enough to attend with his camera and sent me ton of pics, which I found when I arrived for shift tonight!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr Bud!!!!  I guess I better post one on here for her to see;)

I haven't yet seen the standings of our table tennis tournament, but I suspect that the Asians are dominating the standings from what I've seen so far.  Yesterday, I felt pretty poor after shift and unfortunately, the flu is making rounds of the ship.  Rather than stand in a screaming crowd of rabid, table tennis fans, I retired to watch part of the latest NZ/India cricket match.  Since joining this vessel back in December, I've become somewhat of a fan.  I've got all the rules down and am coming to appreciate the subtleties of the game, like the strategies employed by the 'spinners", as opposed to the bowlers that just bring the heat, and how the wicket breaks up as the match progresses throughout the day.  I still can't tell which batsmen are the ones likely to hit 7 consecutive "sixes" in 2 overs, like the guy last year in the championship test, but I am coming to love the game and am the first guy to cry out when somebody gets "stumped".  Anyway, who couldn't love a game where the fans can come and lay around in the grass, drinking beer all day?  Its a rather sticky wicket since I can't get cricket on the telly at home, though (obligatory English/Aussie/Kiwi sentence inserted).

Hey!  I even know what a sticky wicket is.  It's a term from the days when a pitch (the field) wasn't covered when it rained.  A sticky wicket is when the wicket (where the bowler bowls the ball) gets wet from the rain, then begins to dry out forming a crusty layer on top that allows the ball to bite more when it hits and also spin off, crazily some times, making it a tough wicket to bat on:)  And i think I'll leave you all with that.



Mr. Bud said...

I have a different definition of sticky wicket.
wanna hear?

dude, You, me and #1 son all have the same play list. this is to funny. (last fm's been playing a while here)

The Pirate said...


That's not my music anymore. I shaved my head last week and only listen to Brittany Spears, now. She rules.

Mr. Bud said...

this is good. Now i shall have a bad example that i can point at and say 'see that's what happens when you don't eat your vitamins, red meat, and vote for hillary'

Freddie said...

Aww. She looks like a little ice princess there.

Thanks for sharing.

Steph said...

I don't know how you do it, missing those moments. I understand that you have to, but I feel for you not being there for the lost tooth and skating show. She does look scrumptiously adorable though!

I thought a sticky wicket was... oh never mind. You don't want to hear about my days on the Barbary Coast.